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the most piece a junk network in the world but once a show the mess it up either like why did I not know about this is like gold from a network SNMP stands for the simple network management protocol and it totally s when you when you understand SNMP a few yak go to wiki p.m. probably get way more information they 642-813 need to you S&P he is amazingly simple all it is this you got devices right let’s say I am I just got my friend here receive got to a Cisco broader terrace on in that device has some interfaces in you know when you go on a device I mean if I go here and I do a show interfaceFastEthernet I facet answer such one as all kind of stuff you’re right I've got 25 57 packets input dad 25 43 broadcasting just stats right all kinds of stuff and I can see here in as time goes 642-813 on be like oh well it's the C word is now holds a little more okay let's see what it is now you can just keep Grammy to those but each one of these actually has a specific SNMP Street the Calder amoral a management information base string that allows something to a poll that information so really all you know when you talk about solar winds Realty my favorite just a second again .