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A branch office and I wanna establish a site to site VPN between them so obviously in the middle is the internet connection so you know who knows what internet connections they have it doesn't really matter we're all going across that same public class at the branch offices maybe ten dot 1.6 T Ford at zero news and that's a net for a little whiles let's good corporate site in all say they're 10 doubt one that 63 Ditcher as a I so we've got these two different subnets I want to bridge them together to wear clients on this %uh bet can reach the clients on the corporate in the servers on the corporate directly without this or I can make Voice over IP calls now between my office is without paying for any long distance charges between them that's all possible now over the VPN so I’d now know what I'm about to say can be done both ways meaning the corporate can go to the branch to branch can go the corporate but somebody's going to started so I'm just going to say the branch office maybe starts to communication it says I want to communicate with you over van connection now and left inside you can see we have set of keys here diffie-hellman which is the is actually a group of guys defeat a was his name Whitfield did he and Martinhellman treated this algorithm long ago an8-bit they said there will be two keys again just