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now the reasons still going to work is because when a packet is made from a rather might in general I one is as a ping packet Mike Morella its will be sourced foam the closest unifies to its destination so in this case 10 saying that packet at it was actually going out on the up address on the 8th minute 01 a guy yet 350-080 because you access this on actually matched on bad address their the loopback address that one does not the full it's a layup okay heard about this and it is not is another interesting trip a which hopefully you'll pick up on the senate so if althea same going to people want to paying to that address again but this Tom I use the source address as loopback 02 what happened today okay that still works okay so what does it still work and this is a trick o sues alluding to what does it still work and this is something that bigotry thatKeisel you'll see on the am the scenes okay so we've got in all17 2.6 they not one but two but it still works okay for use at source packet have a look back 0 Wow still works in the same is 350-080 I'm using the source address 17 2.6 they not one not two so should not exceed Bay Shin actually been on okay let's try something else and see what happens here let's see what happens here because again this is part of the troubleshooting process fractious listening to you 350-080 have a look II based on doesn't work is Tom stop is Tom its top now but what a bad if we what a bad if we just being without the source look back what’s going to happen then so the audio this %uh just one want you to get thinking about what's going on kaka so say Christians put in a comment which is spot on you picked it up so that's good so festival the first reason wasn't it was working when it didn't look like it should work was because up .