Company Profile

Mage Design was founded in 2001 and is comprised of an extremely talented staff
of designers and marketing experts dealing primarily in the action sport industry.
Our task is to accurately identify and influence fashion aesthetics and
cultural trends though design.

Mage Design’s product development and branding group is an inspiration as well
as commentator on global creative trends. It is in this spirit that Mage Design excels through
risk-taking design, innovative marketing strategy, and creative freedom. Mage Design’s
client list includes several key players in the action sport industry including
Spy Optic, Burton Snowboards, Analog , DC shoes, No Fear MX, Gravis, Adio Footwear,
One industries, Riv Alive. Matix............

Brand Strategy
Mage Design has been working for the past five years with leading action sport companies
to create innovative new products that have played key role in shaping the actionsport market.