Studio ArKadia

Company Profile

Studio Arkadia set up its activity in1991 in Fabriano (AN) Italy.The gained experience, flexibility anddynamism of the Studio allow anefficient answer to the partners’ needs.The knowledge in the usage of thetechniques of solid and superficial 3Dmodelling, applied to the realizationof photorealistic renderings and theusage of rapid prototyping processes,allow to reduce times and costs indeveloping the product. The need toproject products with a strong aestheticcontents, often intended for a Marketnear to saturation, addressed toa demanding and sophisticated user,spoilt by the comfort of Western Societies,makes the design a decisivemeans in the strategy of a Companysuccess.
Franco_Fiorani designer: “I observe what is tangible, I elaborate itto connect it to the emotional sphere ofexistence. Design of III millennium will besimple, rigorous, evocative with a big hiddentecnological content.”