Tiger Industrial Inc.

Company Profile

Tiger Industrial Provides Mechanical Design Services and Manufacturing consulting to Small Business, Venture Capital firms, Intellectual Property Attorneys and Independent Inventors. Tiger Industrial Inc. specializes in the design of Machined, Sheet Metal and Plastic Components. Our team will work with you to develop and implement your product, while improving areas of manufacturing, cost and product life-cycle.

The life cycle of your product can have a dramatic effect on the way a part is designed and manufactured. Tiger Industrial Inc. has the ability to design, engineer and manufacture your parts based on the long term goals of your company and the product life.

We offer single source productivity to simplify the buying process and guarantee you have quality products, delivered on time. Tiger Industrial is on the cutting edge of technology. All designs are fully modeled in 3D to verify that all components will fit together the way they are planned. Directly from our design software (SolidWorks) the models are converted to the industry standard IGES file type, this file can then be directly imported into the Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Software to build the parts. By eliminating the errors commonly associated with manual translation we can deliver higher quality products in record time.