Company Profile

TEAMS is an award winning design firm with over 100 professionals including designers, engineers and strategists, all from diverse backgrounds. You can think of us as a colorful mix, just like our brand colors. We specialize in global product-oriented brand development in the areas of industrial design, user experience design and brand communication. To us, the word ‘product’ transcends what is tangible and also includes services, results, solutions and ideas that help a brand or company to achieve their mission.

Our talent to take concepts all the way from strategy to realization sets us apart and makes us experts in delivering strategies that can be successfully implemented and sustained.

We are headquartered in the historic city of Esslingen, Germany—just outside of Stuttgart and in Germany’s economic powerhouse region. A truly global company, our flourishing studios are located in Hamburg, Chicago, Belgrade, and in Shanghai. Never staying in the same place for too long, our team of designers, engineers and strategists are constantly on-the-go, making each studio their ‘home.’

With nearly 60 years of experience and over 1,000 prestigious design awards, we are one of the longest-running design consultancies in the world. Not only are we the longest-running—so is the duration of our relationships with our clients. Our collaboration with over 300 clients helps us look forward to more than 650 projects per year.