Company Profile

Infographics®: We’re Information Engineers

We are not just a design studio, we are information engineers. Infographics works with our customers to address a wide variety of communications challenges. At infographics we believe that well-executed communications do more than just translate an idea; they provide a foundation for understanding.

Infographics technical illustration, instructions, animations, training tools and product communications bridge language and educational barriers. At infographics, we help our customers communicate complex information and facilitate understanding. Find out how some of the best known brands are benefiting from infographics' expertise.

infographics® specializes in producing easy-to-use instructions. The company offers expertise in communicating product, technical, and instructional information specifically designed for the end-user. They simplify complex and abstract information in collateral and training materials with graphics, illustrations, and animations. Clients include AquaGlass, DIY Network, In-Sink-Erator, Maytag, Oxo, Rubbermaid, Sea Ray and Viking Range Corporation