I love to create! Whether it is drawing, painting, or building, I can conceptualize any idea with a creative conclusion. I am best with traditional media, but proficient in digital media as well. Artist statement: Well, I am inspired by most of everything. Meeting a new person that just inspires you, or hearing a song that just gives you chills, or eating some food that tastes awesome! As an optimist, i laugh as much as possible, even in the most serious of times. In return my art comes out as playful. Whether or not it seems straight forward, most of my paintings and drawings have a serious undertone. It deals with losing loved ones, neglect, spirituality, depression, strange human AND animal behaviors. I believe you can learn from mostly anyone, so i listen first, and when i decide to really say something i communicate with my art. I like to make pretty pictures of course, but i need to be inspired conceptually before anything. I try to make the mundane interesting. Connection is the enjoyment in art. Swapping stories, and learning from each other.


Dean's List for outstanding Student, and G.P.A. at R.M.C.A.D (2012) 1st place for Hispanic Art Show in local Districts


Sante Fe Art District.

Experience & Education