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Original concept for a wakeboard graphic project in 2007. This design was turned into a kneeboard graphic through the process. Which is nice, because I can't wakeboard. I believe the production board was called the Lowrider in 2007.
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The production Kneeboard graphic. The top of the board lost some hotness to the large foam pad, but the bottom still turned out sweet. The board is fun to ride, especially if you like doing tricks.
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Color Options - They went with Orange in the end...
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I had a bit of fun with the Obrien wakeboard project, and did a similar theme for the Nidecker snowboard competition. I got an "honorable mention" or something for the efforts. Just glad I didn't waste my time doing it at full resolution.
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I added a bit of wear and tear at the end, giving it a little more grit. This kind of stuff is always a fun break from the more structured production design work.

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