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Kinder, more interactive prenatal exam system. - Project Requirements: Develop the next generation ultrasound system. Incorporate advanced technology, sophisticated aesthetics, and rigorous specifications. Take into account both operator and patient needs.

Solution: Combining latest technology and healthcare intelligence, this system vastly improves the ultrasound experience for expectant mothers. Mom-to-be can now cradle monitor while viewing real-time, continuous picture of the moving fetus on the monitor screen.
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Remote transducer. - The ultrasound monitor is a window into the womb and the transducer is the key.

This innovative wireless transducer softly glows as the doctor moves it across the expectant mom's tummy.

Calming, peaceful, much less invasive.

The doctor navigates the interface with a touch screen or embossed arrow keys. Images of the unborn child emerge as the semi-translucent ring around the floating screen flutters with light.
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Display stand. - The monitor sends digital images to the
mother’s email address or cell phone with
a copy of the doctor's orders. The moment is
captured, the mother’s heart fills with
joy as she sees and “holds” her baby for the very first time.
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Ideation sketches I.
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Ideation sketches II.
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Ideation sketches III.

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