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Injection-Molded Toy and Packaging Design - Project Requirements: Affordable, unique, high-tolerance toy that appeals to all ages.

Solution: the attention hogging Party Frog trick toy which perches on the edge of a candy bowl, cocked and ready to surprise and delight any guest that innocently reaches into the bowl for candy!

To best illustrate the design, features, and forms, produced renderings with 3-D surfacing tool in Solidworks. Copyright 2010.
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How it Works:
Clip the Party Frog trick toy to just about any candy bowl and then place wrapped candy inside the bowl as bait. Easy-to-operate for adult or child, the Party Frog is pressurized and set to surprise when its head is pushed down. The toy's spring loaded and motion detecting actions open the mouth and eyes, and pop out the 5" long tongue.
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Mouth and Eye Articulation - Features and Benefits:

Injection-molded ABS plastic
Intensely colorful, realistic depth and reflection, wet and glossy
Extra-sensitive spring-loaded mechanism, vibration motion detection technology
Durable, non-toxic, child-safe
Element of surprise
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Preliminary Solidworks rendering of frog at rest.
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Preliminary Solidworks Rendering II

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