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Samsung Wearable Memory Alloy Communcation Device - Project Requirements: Design multi-tasking, wearable mobile device for five to ten years out. Utilize up and coming technology, envision the future, include environmentally friendly innovations.

Client: Samsung

Solution: OLED touch screen, tactile keypad, flexible electronics, memory alloy articulation. Split pad design allows for increased airflow, preventing sweat build up. Copyright 2010.

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Presentation Board - Target Audiences: Adventurers, athletes, tech savvy consumers, thrill seekers, and active adults who appreciate excellence in both form and function.

Potential customers are early adopters, well educated, and well traveled.
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Orthographic Views
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Wearable Mobile Device Product Line - Design's future direction, where pared-down aesthetics, honest materials, forward thinking technology, and true need coexist.
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Color Material Finish Study
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Color Material Finish Study II
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Color Material Finish Study III
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Scenario II
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Screen Protected for Wearable Mode - User Scenario:
Walnut Creek, CA 10:30 AM
Saturday 8.15.15

Chris D. sets out on his bike ride and nature trek. He likes carrying a communication device, but doesn’t like anything bulky in his pockets. If he stows it in his backpack, he won’t have enough time to answer calls. He enjoys capturing photographs of wild life with a single device. As he wipes the sweat from his forehead he is reminded of his active lifestyle. Samsung’s Wearable Mobile Device will be built for Chris.
Scenario III
Scenario IV

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