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Final Product - Project Assignment: Fuse form, function, and technology for hardy, deep sea scuba gear product line, including a dive knife, treasure salvage shovel, and abalone iron. Consider ergonomics, user groups, and underwater conditions.
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Dive Knife - Solution/Process: Interview dive experts. Complete needs analysis prior to design phase. Review competitive products. Create sophisticated color palette, form language, and styling for branded line of dive gear products. Copyright 2010.
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Abalone Dive Iron. Designed for the new era of simplicity. - Copyright 2010.
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Dive Trowel. Relevant design. - Copyright 2010.
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Concept Board - Features and Benefits:
Ability to swim with tool in hand
Available in either titanium or stainless steel
Disassemble quickly for cleaning
Knife's serrated edge sharp enough to cut rope and line
Thermoplastic molded handles for easy grip
Perfect for amateur or professional
Color choices based on color absorption in deep waters
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Application Board - Titanium is the perfect material because it is rustproof and corrosion-resistant. No need for any sharpening or maintenance for a long period of time. Pry, hack, chisel, or dig.
Dive Knife Mock Ups - Began with an extensive ergonomic study, creating foam mock-ups for wide range of hand sizes, before settling on final design.
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Waterproof Dive Knife Kit
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Designer On Research Mission Near Catalina Island

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