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Elevating the Dental Office Experience with New Technology - Project Requirements:
Create interactive technology device to distract dental patients during painful procedures and reduce boredom-factor.

Allows dentist to interact with patient during treatment. Has tiny footprint. Lasts up to 4 hours. Comfortable and user friendly. Durable, easy to clean and sterilize. Copyright 2010.

Dr. Kathleen Clemans, DDS

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This woman and the dentistry profession need these glasses! - Soothes, entertains, and distracts target users. Sensory Relaxation Glasses connect with all portable media devices.
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Viewing subject matter potential is infinite. - Primary Target Audience:
Dental Patients

Secondary Target Audiences:
Patients facing surgery, chemotherapy, or other scary and invasive treatments
Athletes, performers, public speakers, etc.
People who suffer from deep anxiety and stress
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Hours of field research reap valuable design development insights.

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