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Sketch Rendering - Primary Market Users:
Elementary School Children, Parents, Teachers

Secondary Market Users:
College Students, Artists, Party Planners, Creative Thinkers
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Fun for boys and girls, and grownups too! - Tablet Usability - Write and Play in the Dark. Out of the box, versatile, next-generation, intergenerational product. Perfect for learning the ABCs, as a diversion during car
trips at night, for bedtime games, camping, drawing constellations, and encouraging more parent/child interaction.
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Sharpie Black Light Tablet - Project Goals:
Create a break-through, innovative, low-tech, low-cost educational tool for kids that encourages learning and creativity. Expand Sharpie's reach into the toy and game category.

Features & Benefits:
• Erasable 8.5 x 11 black light tablet
• Black light LEDs
• Recycled plastic housing
• Rechargeable lithium ion battery
• Sharp and thick nib black light
marker-compatible, available in neon rainbow palette
• Marker docks in side groove

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