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Sifting is an important part of the baking process that several people at home try to avoid or dread doing due to the strenuous and repetitive motion in the hand and wrist that it requires. To solve this problem and prevent arthritis, the Orbital Sifter uses a ball to sift the baking ingredient, which can be easily operated with the palm of the hand. It uses the natural circular motion of the arm, providing an easier and more enjoyable sifting experience.
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WHO: Designed for people who enjoy baking for family and friends.
WHAT: A sifter that uses a ball on the top to easily sift baking ingredients with the palm of the hand.
WHEN: Used primarily wen baking cakes and other pastries.
WHERE: Stored and used in kitchens at home.
WHY: Creating a sifter that is less strenuous on the hands, easier to clean, and more enjoyable to use.
HOW: Made with plastic injection mold and aluminum casting.
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1. Open sifter
2. Pour ingredients
3. Close sifter
4. Sift
5. Bake
6. Clean parts

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