ILL TREATS on the MPC60 - Illustration for UK hip-hop magazine article
elevenemcee catalog illustration - promo card for elevenemcee
mona's secret - a pencil illustration - using hb, 2b, + 6b
mona's secret (detail) - a pencil illustration - using hb, 2b, + 6b
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Shingo 02 (japan emcee) - Samurai Champloo vocalist, Shingo 02 is considered one of today's hottest Japanese hip-hop emcees. If you've watched the intro credits to Samurai Champloo then you already know him..
la Sexual - Paris, France
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eye KNOW
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do it. - Advertising Illustration for Nike Basketball
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octopuss - album art illustration for indie hip-hop artist
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Illustration concept for article on Japanese Manga
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TKO - boxing illustration for magazine article
Getting2U - Local youth magazine illustration for article
fingers - hip-hop + sex illustration
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green SKIRT - illustration to be belt printed on lady's tee or on hand bag.
RUN dmc - illustration for local hip-hop magazine
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SHOES - illustration for women's independent retail shoe store; to be printed on carry-out bags.
sisters - pen, prismacolor markers and color pencil illustration
ovulation - incongruent elements come together to form a highly stylized composition of both markers, pen + ink, type, and texture
q-tip - illustration of q-tip from world renown defunct hip-hop group a tribe called quest
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11th round - boxing illustration created with pen + ink, prismacolor markers, and a silver paint pen

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