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DITE (Defence Institute of Technical Education - I inspired from the SBTE logo where SBTE is written from the different technical shapes that's why I drew Gear and Hammer and make them DITE :-)
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Karachi School of Excellence - This is the logo of Primary Education school that's why I made it colorful and showing the morning freshness. Because it the time of growing your child from Montessori Class to V class. The First Step of School or First Morning.
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Logo - This is Application logo the application aims is to configured clients request.
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AA Quality Builders & Surveyors - AA Quality Builders & Surveyors is the group of company; Friends Constructions is also the famous name. AA Builders or Friends Constructions build Flyover, Underpasses in all over the Pakistan and abroad they deals in Constructions, Land Survey and Marine Survey but Land Surveyor is the top priority of this company. That's why I symbolize two Technical Engineer who are surveying and the Registration Mark who showing the balancing and accuracy.

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