I have done this TVC commercial for www.stripedhippo.com as freelance project
Modeling, Rigging, Shading, Texturing,Lighting, Rendering compositing done by me. 2012
This animation was done for iPhone application for eid-al-adha
Client (Tapfreaks)
This is a fun animation for ezanga.com to entertain its social media fans
project done by me, Software use Autodesk Maya , Adobe After effecs, Adobe Photoshop
This is a fun project for eZanga.com done by me "Farooq Ahmed".
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Clapboard frog Animation for eZanga (intro Video)
Frog in Theater is animated intro for eZanga to use in their video intros.
This is a Intro animation for eZanga for his events video production.
Software use Autodesk Maya , Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects
eZanga History Animated Video

eZanga history 3d animation video done by me for our client eZanga story telling video to telling the history behind the frog in eZanga.

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