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Saat Watch Project - In a modern world,it’s easy to forget our origins.

In the design process,it’s all about getting back to basics, remembering the beauty of simplicity, drawing inspiration from nature and harnessing the evocative power of flowing, organic structures.

Saat is at its core a simple, organic form: customizable and adaptable to fit the human who wears it. The extruded and bursting colors of the hi-poly lines stands juxtaposed to this,emphasizing further the concept of nature and modernity combined.
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Smoker Bench - 2008 - The main aim of this place is to provide a unique public place for smoker and protect the non-smoker at the same time. The bench consisting of a two side sitting area with supporting pillars, which double up as containers to flip the ash or disposing the cigarette stubs. Baltas has put to use the connecting portion between the two pillars as grass can be grown adding to the visual feel. Also it helps in promoting the clean and green message to all those who spend time there, although in a silent manner. Copyrighted and patented by 1001 Urban Furniture.
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Apga V2 - 2009 - With stable organic shape and effective touch screen, Apga, the advanced wayfinding and communication solution can provide the future police force a perfect strong hold and easy to use operating when reaching to an emergency site quickly and establishing online communication unlike traditional and inefficient radio and transmitter systems.
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Feather PaperWeight - 2010 - Feather Paperweight project is an ironic gift project which will be produced in silver plated ceramic.
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CalendarMet - 2004 / CalendarMet is calendar project in meter form which aims to bring a fresh and fun idea to calculating units. You can hang it on the wall, give any possible shape and you can measure everything by date.

"This table is 6months and 3days long"

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RPS Dice 2005 - Unusual approach to traditional Rock-Paper-Scissors game..

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