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Colciencias Intranet page - As part of a project, it was decided to set up an intranet within Colciencias (a Colombian government entity, which is aimed to promote scientific research) I designed the intranet page, considering usability and the wide range of users that would need to access the page. The design was done in Fireworks and later developed webpage in Dreamweaver, this was done in 2008.
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Blu Sale - Blu Evolution is a fashion clothing store aimed at a younger girl audience (16-22). They were making a sale, and needed a banner. I designed the banner and the illustration, maintaining the color scheme supplied by the client (bright pink, baby blue and brightyellow). This was done in 2003
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Enzan - 2003. Small experiment with inheritance developed in flash. The user can select from 9 different possibilities all calculated from the same object, they vary slightly in color, and element position. Each selection made is registered in a 3d history, that can be browsed using the xmouse propertries.

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