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BOOKS & RETAIL STORE - Develop of a retail store for selling mainly books and candies. It is located in the boarding area of the airport.

Client: Books & Retail - A.Merino International Airport

May 2005 - Santiago, Chile

*Developed with Arma Studio
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BOOKS & RETAIL - Concept designed for a traveler`s based products store in a Shopping mall. The main idea was work with elements that reminds the idea of a travel, counters, clocks, luggage, etc; all this in an airplane fuselage interior`s look.

Client: Books & Retail - Boulevard, Mall Parque Arauco

June 2005 - Santiago, Chile
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LOS ANDES HANDCRAFT STORE - Design for a chilean craftmanship company who wanted to promote their stones and jewerly products. The work was based in provide a more exclusive look taking the concept of the art exhibitions.

Client: Los Andes Artesania -A.Merino International Airport

August 2005 - Santiago, Chile
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CALYPSO STAND - Design of a sales point for a glass hand made products using the same materials that the use for their products, glass and metal.

Client: Calypso - A.Merino International Airport

June 2002 - Santiago, Chile
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RIPLEY BOARDS - Promotional boards for a multibrand store
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BELMONT LIGHT BOXES - Light boxes for promotional teams inside bars and clubs. The boxes were designed to be used as games, where the users needed to follow a wave path without touching the edges... otherwise, the box lights will turn on!
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ENTEL GAMES - Promotional games for summer teams
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