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Short augmented clip of a volunteer interacting with one of my research experiments on embodied music cognition.

The audio in the clip is live and is directly connected to the subjects body using custom software and corporeal motion tracking.

The visualisation was added in post production to illustrate the experience of a tangible musical form.

The subjects had no visual feedback and could only 'feel' the music with their ears
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My first exploration into interactive projection mapping. The space responds to the movement of the body and almost creates a visual friction as it passes through fluid, generating hypnotic swirling patterns.

Music: Burial - Shell of Light (Shlohmo Remix)

The fluid reacts to both hands (tracked by kinect) and is coloured based on velocity.
The simulation was a java implementation of the Navier Stokes fluid solver.
Animation and calibration scripts were written in processing.


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An interactive installation commissioned for the "MAKE THIS SPACE" exhibition in Cambridge 2013.

Creating using an Xbox Kinect and a projector. Code was written in Processing.

Music: Anthony Middleton - Till the end of...
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CONTACT is a tangible audio interface to manipulate and visualize sounds generated from interaction with a simple wooden surface.

Any physical contact with the table generates acoustic vibrations which are manipulated and visualized LIVE as they occur using several communicating pieces of software.

All code will be opensource and available on github.

Bartlett School of Architecture
Tutor: Ruairi Glynn
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Installation commissioned for the INTERACT: Deconstructing Spectatorship exhibition at the Courtauld East Wing Biennal.

By approaching the wall, the participants spread glowing forms of dissipating bodyheat, that momentarily imprint their silhouette onto the room before gradually fading away.

The name TempĀ° not only elicits body heat or temperature but also the temporary and transient nature of a body's presence in a space.

The piece utilises the xbox kinect, a projector and software written in the Processing language to artificially simulate the body heat gradients and dissipation patterns based on the 3d depth map from the camera.

Music: Ariane Moffat - Hotel Amour (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
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An audiovisual installation commissioned for the Sensing Spaces exhibition at the Royal Academy for their one off "Friday Night Late" event with Portico Quartet.

"ResonAte" is a daughter of the CONTACT project that uses contact microphones and live abstract projections to create an audiovisual gestalt. The installation amplified and resonated the vibrations of a single staircase in the Pezo "Blue Pavilion" and broadcast the sounds to the staircases inhabitants. At the same time the information of every step, tap and impulse from inside was used to generate live visual abstractions on the external facade.

The building becomes acoustically transparent as the people outside can see what the people inside can hear.

The audio was manipulated and analysed by Ableton Live and Max/Msp
The visuals were created in Processing

Thanks to

Ruairi Glynn
Sean Hanna
Jenny Zielinska
The Bartlett

Background Music: Im Bann - Pantha Du Prince
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History and Explanation of the processes used in the CONTACT project.

Tutor Ruairi Glynn
Bartlett School of Architecture
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This video explains some of the processes and potential directions for the CONTACT project and using sound as an interaction medium. The video demos a refined program made with Cinder that is able to triangulate transient impulses to a much greater accuracy than the original system (on a cartesian grid). It also features a neural network which allows a region based location awareness that can be learnt in complex forms over time. Whilst this approach is possible, the learning rate of the network means the system must be "taught" with a large number of initial taps, this makes it unsuitable for quick/portable applications.

Music: Dauwd - Acireams

Ruairi Glynn
Sean Hanna

Msc Adaptive Architecture and Computation

The Bartlett School Of Graduate Studies

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