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A first experiment to test the relationships between music, time and space. This aims to illustrate the transformation of music to space mediated through human interaction with an instrument.
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This is my first experiment to explore how music and image can be experienced through spatial interaction.

NB. the audio and video are just the free samples from Resolume 4, i had nothing to do with making them. This is just a proof of concept and I hope to create/add my own music and visuals soon.

This is the first working attempt to use Processing to code a relationship between data from an Xbox Kinect motion sensor and the VJ software Resolume.

The program/sketch analyses the position of the hand in 3d space and sends this reparameterised information via OSC to control the volume and opacity of the 3 video and audio channels inside Resolume. The bounds of the interactive parameter space are adaptive, the user essentially pushes the extremes of the 'imaginary' box to define the size of space they are using.

There is also no intuitive or cognitive connection between the interaction and the outcome, the system relies on either experimentation or introduction. The conversation b...
H Favorite
Short augmented clip of a volunteer interacting with one of my research experiments on embodied music cognition.

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