Baked on Main Logo - Logo for a local Pizza shop that also sells baked treats. Famous for their baked mac and cheese.
Man Is Five is a handmade jewelry and scented candle company that caters to both Wiccan and classical Gothic philosophies. One of their best selling scents, Ceremonium, is based off of the incense used in biblical times, and still used in churches today. The intent of this logo was to emulate a wrought iron gate, while injecting sophistication and intrigue. The wax stamp is meant to take you back to the time of frankincense and myrrh.
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Digital Rescue Media Logo
Logo Design - I wanted to do something with the classic "money green" and crisp type but bring something conceptual into it without being too playful. After all, hiring an outside consultant is about tightening your loose ends and saving money overall.
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Logo for a MOBA Review and News website. MOBA is a genre of game that stands for "Multiplayer Online Battle Arena" and gameplay involves "pushing" into the other player's base to win.
Logo Design - Logo design for a Children's book series about a family of Dragons.
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Bridge Communications Logo - Logo for a small marketing communications company
Hit or Miss Logo - Article series logo for
Give Cancer the Finger (sketches) - Sketches for a nonprofit started by a man who had his right ring finger amputated during his battle with cancer.
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Identify Branding and Identity - Responsible for package Design, Rendering and brand identity design.

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