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view from the living room
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the community - Arkpolis is a gathering of floating community islet, made for Netherlands, self sufficient in energy and a bioclimatic house. It’s an eco-city for 2015.

The islet are disposed side by side to give the same acess to everybody to the main roads and let the lake “breath” ans thus, allows the fragile ecosystem of the lake to develop properly.

Each inhabitants have the same panoramic view on the lake and a good prevervation of intimacy from the land.
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The community : 1 islet = 5 houses = 20 people - Services : for the good functionning of the community and to stimulate the sharing between people / allows to be alert on what’s happening in the area.

The common house : one for the islet (ex : collective tool box ) , one for all the city (ex : sport room, library...)

Commun garden : allows gathering.
Floating gardens : on the side, made for the culture of a vegetable garden and to allows biodiversity to develop.

The house can be personalise thanks to different wood colors.
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The large bay photovoltaic windows and the big openings allows to enjoy the beauty of the lake in all the rooms, and maximize the use of the sun which brings power to the house.

The length of the house allows everybody to have the same view and the same light whatever the room you are in.

Because the house is bioclimatic, it's south oriented.
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The living room (commun part) is divided from the bedrooms (the private part) by stairs. The two spaces can be closed by a sliding wall.

The bedrooms are inside the float and the commun rooms are forward them, which preserve the itimacy by reducing the vision of the inside of the room.

Each house have a privet garden , hiden by a vegetal wall.
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A vegetal roof and the north wall of the house with no windows, allows a better insulation.

This north wall also preserves the intimacy of the inhabitants, from the land.
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kitchen and living room - The roof light is composed of few DELs which use the reflectivity of the white paint to difuse for less consumption of energy.

During the sunset, the light inside follow the decrease of the light outside, and light progressively, and thus light just what you need.
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drinking water system : The pluvarium - The drainage pipes under the garden, guides the water from inside the pluvarium to the tank, hide in the float, from the higher roof.
For the lower garden, the water goes from one of the inside wall of the house to the tank and then, get filtered
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the kitchen - A simple formal language allows people to easily apropriate themself the house.
The table is modular for less space taking it can roll and allows 6 people to sit all around it an thus allows to eat outside if sunny.
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the kitchen - The storages are easy and ergonomic : optimization of moves when you cook.
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water system in the kitchen - The water of the dishwasher and the sink are reused for the washing machine.
The dirty water is filtered and filled up a tank of clean water which will be used for the next washing machine.
A waves dish washer if given for not using soap, and thus allows the water to be filtered easily.
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the bathroom - The main idea : to play with natural sensations and take advantage of the nature inside the house, and allows a contact with nature.
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the bathroom - During the shower, you have the feelin of beeing surounded by nature thanks to the rain shower,and the natural light, bring by the pluvarium.

The user play hide and seek behind the pluvarium thanks to the plants.

He is aware of the water consumption while using the shower.
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view of the lake from one room - Enjoy the full view of the lake and the natural luminosity, while the doors are open.

The half transparent doors, of japanese inspiration, allows to play with shadows and light,play with the openning, and see without beeing seen.
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sliding walls - The soundproof modular dividing walls
in wood allows the inhabitant to create from 1 to 4 rooms depending on the size of the family and it's evolution.
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mock up - mock up made with laura hong, loic levillain and sandrine dhano.

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