When thinking of design, one often picks their very own avenue of problem solving and creative direction. They always try to creatively think beyond the realm of the industry, organic thoughts are a rare commodity these days. Immersing myself in different types of inspirations is what I set out to do each time I want to start a project. Nature is a perfect example of simplicity and elegance in a way that no human can really achieve or encompass. Intricate patterns, vibrant colors and the way the earth always incorporates a vast array of textures that would put any one into a sensory overload if browsed upon as a swatch book. What I bring to the table is the undying hunger to explore, to absorb and to continually grow as a person not just as a designer but as a human being. My love for new adventures and abstract thoughts is what has gotten me here thus far. I am experienced in multiple forms of art medium including but not limited to Illustration, Digital Art, Print Design, Graphic Design, Identity, Story Boarding, and Apparel Graphics. I would love to establish myself at a local Maine design company and am interested in any job opportunities.


Furo Graphic Design, Deeper Vision Recordings, Dub & Bass, Ted Dun Know Recordings, Chee Clothing,

Experience & Education