Actually worked at PSA Peugeot Citroën like exterior car designer

Work Samples

  • Ferrari

  • Some projects

  • Eco & Mobilite

Work History

DEGREE SHOW VIDEO OCT 2009 March 2010 - Present Exterior designer at PSA Peugeot Citroën Graduated in M.A. Transportation in OCT09 with mention decearned by : Anne Asensio - DASSAULT SYSTEMES Louis de Fabribekers - SUPPERLEGGERA Carole Favart - TOYOTA Europe A. Leenarts - PSA PEUGEOT Dan Abramson - ESTECH Sébastien Stassin - KISKA DESIGN Brett Boydell - BENTLEY Nicolas Pegorier - FAURECIA Bruno Melchior - YAMAHA Marc Papadopoulos - FAURECIA Spring 2009 ESTECH Guyancourt (78) France Internship during 7 months under the leadership of Dan Abramson. Work on several product projects for the market in childcar, electronic, robotic,... Realization of prospective project about an american speed train. Development of my degree automotive project Brief: to design a new Morgan, on the the base of 4/4 Sport version. Automn 2008-09 DMC "DE LOREAN 2010" Industrial project : Dream car Brief: To design a modern DeLorean, in mind of the DMC 12 Responsabilities on the project: Exterior Design Manager Spring 2008 ÉCO&MOBILITÉ Industrial project : SimplyCity Invitation to tender to design a new low cost and ecological vehicule used in car sharing in the city. Responsabilities on the project: Interior Design Manager Automn 2007-08 RENAULT TRUCKS (Volvo 3P) Saint Priest (69) France Internship during 6 months under the leadership of Hervé Bertrand and Benoit Tallec (Exterior design) and Paul Daintree (Interior design) as project managers. Work on various internal projects particularly on the interior design development of the new 2020 range of truck. Spring 2007 XOR Mortor Industrial project : M3P Conception of an electric scooter equivalent 125 cc with a thinking on the folding of the structure and the architecture for a new use and a new vision of light and clean vehicle. Automn 2006-07 PAROTECH Industrial project : Concept car Parotech Phoenix In partnership with Sony and Recaro to promote their new products for the american market. This concept car had to recongnize Parotech as studio of design. Developped products ÉCO&MOBILITÉ SimplyCity presented to Paris Auto Show 2008


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