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  • Franklin Azzi

    Franklin Azzi Architecture

    Paris, France


Work Samples

  • Bali Barret Boutique 01 Tokyo Japan

  • Bali Barret Boutique 02 Tokyo Japan

  • Christophe Lemaire Shop Paris France

Work History

Our Workshop of Architecture is the result of a series of collaboration. Franklin Azzi worked during 5 years within the agency as.architecture-studio (Institute of the Arab World, the European Parliament of Strasbourg…) in which it founded and directed as associated a company filialie of as.design-studio group. We are today a multicultural team of professionals coming from the fields of architecture, town planning, the paysagism, graphics, the draftsmanship, the architecture of interior, the maquettism and the creation of image. Our single approach, guided by specificities of the context, the program and the site, proved to be effective for the projects such as the shops Bali Barret in Japan, the complex of Cinema with Tirana, the Lido club in Shanghai. The work of Franklin Azzi consists in reinterpreting the variations of complexities and scales (domestic or broader) in the realization of private and institutional projects. One of the fields where multidisciplinarity appears to us most interesting is the relation between architecture and the contemporary art. The artists handle like spaces it to us, the geometry, the light, the color and the matter of the things. Readily giving up the ogee moulding, the gallery or the museum, they consider the question of the context and explore the report/ratio with the place. The projection and the organization of space become topics increasingly present in their creations. Of course, our work of architect differs basically from that of the artists, subjected who it is with the needs for use, of durability of social and legal constraints, but there are intersections between the architectural and artistic field. This côtoiement is the occasion of a mutual enrichment, which it intervenes, according to opportunities and the artists, upstream or downstream from the project. It acts however that each one keeps its specificity and does not seek with mimer the other, the architectural project not having any interest to reproduce appeared formalism elsewhere or a differently and artistic work having freedom to modify, enrich, transform its context according to its own conceptual step. |Franklin Azzi Architecture| 10 rue Saint Marc 75002 Paris | T.+33 (0) 1 40 26 68 21 |info@franklinazzi.com| www.franklinazzi.com |


Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture DESA