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  • Fredrik Perman

    Lead Creator & Innovator at The Product Farm

    Raleigh, NC

Thank you for taking the time to review my LinkedIn profile. My name is Fredrik Perman and I’m an Industrial Designer with 19 years of professional working experience. I consider myself to have a broad range of knowledge and expertise in the fields of design, product development and manufacturing. Born and raised in Sweden, I attended Tumba Graphics Centre School of Design, where I got a 3-year degree in Graphic Communication. After a very successful internship during my last year of design school, I started my career as an advanced photo retouch artist at a Stockholm advertising firm. From 1998-1999, I received a full scholarship by my employer at the time, to attend School of Communication Arts (now Living Arts College) in Raleigh, North Carolina. Here, I learned 3D computer arts and animation and was awarded the “Outstanding Achievement Merit Award”. After school, I came back to Sweden to utilize these newly gained 3D skills, in the field of advertising. In 2002 I moved back to the US permanently and got hired as a Product Designer for a New Jersey based contract manufacturing company. This introduced me to the world of Industrial Design and the overseas manufacturing process. Five years later, in 2007, after being promoted to Creative Director and later a VP of Operations position, I decided to strike out on my own and founded The Product Farm. I relocated my business to Raleigh, North Carolina in 2008 and have now gained 14 years of product design and development experience, along with 7 years of e-commerce sales and social media marketing of my own line of products. Specialties: Product development, conceptual thinking, innovation, design, art direction, branding and being a dad. Hobbies: Watch and play basketball, movies, gardening, innovation, building things and spending time with friends and family. Noteworthy: Completed Swedish Military Service as part of a Sanitation, Fire & Rescue Unit. Fluent in Swedish and English.

Work Samples

  • Industrial Design - Foods & Beverages

  • Industrial Design - Medically Speaking

  • Industrial Design - At the office

Work History

  • Senior Industrial Designer / Lead Creator

    • Founded The Product Farm Corporation, a product design studio and production resource with direct factory partnerships in China.

    • Servicing a broad spectrum of clients in industries such as pharmaceuticals, entertainment, beverages, personal care, promotional and consumer goods. Brand experiences include Yankee Candle, Coca Cola, Sanofi Aventis, Roche, Novartis, Anhauser Busch, Staples, Astra Zeneca, Lilly, Takeda, Astellas and MTV.

    • Providing solutions, research and development, industrial design services, direct factory pricing, engineering, fabrication, 3D printing, laser cutting, overseas production and ocean freight.

    • Marketed and launched our new unique products via social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, available for purchase via store.theproductfarm.com. Some of these products include:

    2009 – USB Scent Flower™
    2012 – Vino2Go®
    2013 – Brew2Go™
    2013 – Wine Traveler™
    2014 - BeerNStein™

  • Art Director/VP of Operations

    • Pacific Design & Manufacturing Inc.
    • Somerville, NJ
    • Nov 2006 - Sep 2007 (10 months)

    • In charge of US operation, with main focus on the design studio in Branchburg, NJ. Oversaw all design requests, customer relations, marketing and production related matters.

    • Frequently visited Hong Kong and China to oversee production and product development research, as well as weekly visits to local clients in NJ and NYC. Gained very good knowledge of the Chinese culture, factory operations and production process.

    • Developed the Triaminic/Theraflu Flowing VaporsTM device for Novartis Consumer Health, Inc. – From initial idea, concept drawings, operations specification, fragrance formula, consumer testing, prototyping, injection tooling, production and delivery and distribution nationally.

  • Creative Director

    • Pacific Design & Manufacturing, Inc.
    • Somerville, NJ
    • Dec 2004 - Nov 2006 (1 year 11 months)

    • Functioned as a design team leader and grew a handpicked design team from 3 to 8 designers over 4 years, which in turn helped the company expand from generating approx $3 million to $15 million in annual sales.

    • Communicated with clients and brand managers to ensure their needs, desires and specifications were met for each individual project. Ensured that every customer relation was handled professionally and in good time.

    • Developed marketing campaigns and presentation procedures to gain client awareness of the company’s design assets, overseas factory partners and manufacturing resources in Asia and in house prototyping capabilities.

    • Developed new photo realistic 3D rendering capabilities to better represent the look of a finished product at the conceptual stage. Built a custom wall mounted renderfarm to better explain the rendering process to clients.

    • Trained designers on various software packages, 3D prototype printers and overall manufacturability of products.

  • Industrial Designer

    • Pacific Design & Manufacturing, Inc.
    • Warren, NJ
    • May 2002 - Dec 2004 (2 years 7 months)

    • Initially got hired as a conceptual product idea artist, mainly conceptualizing products for the promotional industry. The products ranged from desk/office items, pharmaceutical, medical devices, alcohol/liquor, food and entertainment industries.

    • Individually conceptualized over 50 product ideas that translated into purchase orders over 5 years.

    • Gained an overall extensive knowledge of material properties in product manufacturing, the production process and various imprinting techniques used in overseas manufacturing.

    • Produced illustrations, artwork, print and injection guidelines for PMS color matching proofs for production.

  • President/3D Graphic Artist

    • Adding Digital Visual Effects
    • Södertälje, Sweden
    • Sep 2001 - May 2002 (8 months)

    • Freelanced for various advertising agencies in Stockholm Sweden as self employed.

    • Created 3D illustrations for printed advertising and advanced photo manipulation. Worked with agencies and clients such as EURO RSCG, PaperPak, Hälsobyrån, Salvequick and Mollerus.

  • Creative Artsit

    • Reptil/Citat
    • Stockholm, Sweden
    • Apr 2000 - Sep 2001 (1 year 5 months)

    • Functioned as a leader for a team of artists, handling customer relations as well as recruiting new clients and being rewarded with creative freedom throughout my projects - from initial concept to final output.

    • Professional experience of creating CG illustrations for clients such as Novartis, Paperpak, Top Jobs, Hemglass, Collaborate, Havet, LOWE Brindfors, Astria Tabak, Arla, RCO and Änglamark.

    • Experienced using 3D as an effective tool in digital image manipulations, illustrations and animations for ads, broadcasting, video production and the web.

    • Performed drum and flatbed scanning on high end Heidelberg and AGFA scanners.

  • Production Artist/3D Artist

    • KåPe Communication
    • Jun 1997 - Jun 1999 (2 years)

    • Primarily responsible for the photo retouch, pre press, worldwide distribution and archiving of the Absolut Vodka advertisements, while serving as a production artist at the oldest and most prestigious production company in Sweden.

    • Worked with other clients such as Volvo, Saab, Volkswagen, Ericsson and H&M for worldwide distribution.

    • Extensive knowledge of CMYK, RGB and LAB color processes, from scanning, color adjustments and output, also experienced with the use of ICC-profiles.


  • School of Communication Arts - Raleigh, NC

    • Certificate Computer Art & Animation
    • 1998 - 1999

    2000 Gardner’s Guide Student Competition Demo reel nominated in this national competition for all 3D schools in the US. Garth Gardner Inc. New York. NY. www.ggcinc.com 2000 School of Communication Arts Demo reel honored as top 5 through school history 1992-2000 1999 School of Communication Arts “Outstanding Achievement Merit Award”

  • Tumba Graphics Centre - Sweden

    • 3-year Graphic Communication
    • 1994 - 1997



Coroflot All-Stars list November 10th 2008 2000 School of Communication Arts Demo reel honored as top 5 through school history 1992-2000 1999 School of Communication Arts "Outstanding Achievement Merit Award"