I am a Visual Designer, my focus is always on something new, creative and competitive design works. I believe that design is part of my body which is their in me since my birth. My design path is RESEARCH -> ANALYSIS -> SOLUTION -> PROTOTYPE -> FINAL DESIGN.

Work Samples

  • DARPAN, reflection of my culture

  • Creating Digital Learning Envoirnment for Design in India

  • Logo Design, For B.S.D.M (AWARD)

Work History

  • Project Fellow

    • Design in India "

    "Creating Digital Learning Environment E- KALPA under Prof. Ravi Mokashi Punekar (www.dsource.in)

  • Visual Designer and Illustrator

    • project- UNDP and children workshop

    2010 May - 2011 June Prof. Amitabh Pandey (Communication Design Consultant) Graphic Artist, Book Design for children's

  • Government of Bihar

    • Bihar state Disaster Management Authority

    Design Projects Darpan (Reflection of my culture) developed a 3D Installation which focus on each day process of Chhath Festival of Bihar. Tikuli crafts & Chikankari design motifs is used to design. Supervisor: Asst. Prof Noni Avital Design a Visual medium to teach moral values to school children "Golden Values" the new way to learn moral values It is a four player's board game, where children can learn Moral values by throw the Dice. Every chanced has colourful illustrations. Which convey the particular moral values, which are required to develop now- days in the society every colourful illustration has golden coin, which will collect by the players to understand the values of the particular morals. Supervisor: Prof. D. Udaya kumar Design an Installation on the occasion of International conference on Typography day 2013. Used Steel plates with wielded on the Theme: Display Typography The Installation was in the huge size with written TYPODAY 2013 Copyrights. 2013@gautam kumar. All Rights Reserved. 1 Design Skills Drawing & Sketching, Digital art & Illustration, Installation, Motion Graphic, Making Story boards, Animation, Scenario Planning, Observation, Typography, Prototyping, Photography, Concept Development, Idea Generation. Interest in Contemporary Art & Visual Design Works Software Skills Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Flash, Adobe After effects, and Corel Painter.


  • Unveiled by: Director of IIT Guwahati

    • Dr.
  • Bihar State Disaster Management Authority

    • Logo Design selected in
  • "Techniche" Indian Institute of Technology

    • Government of Bihar.
  • IIT Guwahati

    • Hostel Siang
  • ''Teez'' IIT Guwahati

    • Photography 1st award.
  • Workshops

    • T-Shirt Design Contest
  • IIT - Guwahati.

    • QIP Workshop on
  • IIT

    • Guwahati by Amos Bar-Eli Design Faculty in
  • Holon Institute of Technology israel.

    • Area of Interest
  • IIT Guwahati.

    • Logo Design selected in IITG CLUB
    • 2013
  • Typography at IIT Guwahati.

    • International conference on
    • 2013
  • IIT Guwahati.

    • Designed for Hostel Siang
    • 2012
  • IIT - Guwahati.

    • Paper Making workshop in
    • 2011



Logo Design selected in Bihar State Disaster Management Authority, Government of Bihar (www.bsdma.org) Bihar Divas 2010, Poster Design selected in Human Resources Development, Government of Bihar. “Techniche” Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. Poster design for India. 1st award “Manthan” 2011 Siang Hostel, IIT Guwahati, Photography 1st award Teez (T-Shirt Design Contest) 2nd Award