Step-ladder for a kitchen - Design Project I - Simple Furniture Design
The frame of the step-ladder is made of bent and welded MS pipe. I explored with different materials for the steps. The best option would be bent ply. In the prototype however, I have used bent transparent acrylic sheet, to be finished with a vinyl film to prevent scratches.
Folding Stool - Design Project II - Folding Furniture
This folding stool is meant for easy transportation. It can be carried on camping or trekking trips and is useful for students.
The stool is made in rubber wood, with chrome finished MS joinery.
Workshop Skills in Wood - The aim was to explore the characteristics of wood. This stool was made in Chil-Pine wood and I have used 5 different wood joineries to put it together.
Elements of Form - Form Language
As one of our form exercises, we had to study a particular designer and his work in relation to form language.
I chose to study Phillippe Starck. These models are abstract representations of his basic form language.
Elements of Form - The aim was to build a cube using three different joineries in a combination of materials. I have used transparent and black acrylic sheets, which are held together with triangular joints; based on a theme of triangles and the reflections of the same.

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