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solarstove - Client: Audi Foundation (Short-listed)
Brief: Safer cooking in African townships using the materials available to local people.
SolarStove is both a cooker and heater, it works by absorbing and magnifying sunlight and then releasing this heat slowly. The product is produced from local waste materials and can be manufactured by the townships craftsmen/women.
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cardboard futures - Child's bikes are disposed of very quickly and rarely reach mechanical strain. I wanted to utilise the most wasted material in the bike industry- cardboard bike packaging. The first trike was made from cardboard boxes flattened and binded together. The second child's trike folds out of a single cardboard bike box.
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placelight - Client: John Lewis, Energy Saving Trust and Phillips Lighting Awards
Brief: Domestic lighting for retail at John Lewis.
Created a set of LED table place mats that when joined together created a circuit and atmospheric table light. The idea was to provide children with a fun reason to eat at the table instead of in front of TV whilst also encouraging an interest in science.

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