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Formula Drift - Formula Drift

Formula Drift is a fairground attraction also known as bumper cars. This ride is inspired by the latest craze in Japan and the U.S.A called drifting. Drifting is getting your car sideways down a road without having traction in any giving point in time. This is real spectacle to watch, there’s lots of smoke and sound and this attracts many spectators.

The basics of drifting are used in this bumper car ride. The bumper car will turn sideways when the driver steers in to a turn. It’s up to the driver to correct his car and get it ready for the following turn. The drivers have to drive a couple of laps round the track and the driver who finishes first wins the race. This attraction is not only great to drive your self but is also is great entertainment for the spectators.
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Caravan Exterior - Trekking

This caravan is inspired by all terrain cars like Jeep and Land rover. The focus points of this caravan are: Strength, versatility, performance, durability. This caravan is designed to go the distances on rough terrain; anywhere your car can go, it follows.


This caravan is inspired by luxury cars like Lexus, Bmw and Mercedes. The focus points of this caravan are: light, space, aerodynamic, luxury, comfort. This caravan is designed to travel large distances in style and comfort with the best performance.

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Flow - Flow

Flow is a deck chair that is designed to be used near swimming pools for Hotels and Resort. The chair is made of lamented wood what is compressed and glued in a mould. The chair is made of 5 plates of wood, there are made incisions in the plates to form the legs, the chair gets its final shape in the mould.
The chair is made water-resistant with a coating, the holes in the chair keep the sun from heating up the surface and cut the weight down. The chair is fully stackable and you can choose to use a sunscreen and cushion with the chairs.
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Future Proof - Future Proof is a child bike that grows with the child. The bike can grow bigger by sliding the tubes out of the back section of the bike. In this way the bike has a life span of 8 years instead of 3 years. You can buy the bike as a complete set or as a construction box in the shops. The tubes are easy to replace, in this way you can choose other colours or prints. The tubes can be made of different materials like: Metal, Aluminium, Wood, Paper tube, Plastic. The plastic part of the bike are easy to produce the other parts are standard bike parts to keep the production costs low. In this way the bike is cost efficient, environmental friendly, easy to customize, durable and has a long life span.

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