Silly me, looks like I'm tryin' to get in the big leagues here. I'm just a self taught artist that is diddle dallying around here on the interwebs. Really quite new to all this computer age stuff. Mostly because I've been a broke-ass and hard-on-my luck, but also due to stayin true to my nitty gritty self-I play raw and basic. Not to say I don't admire others here. Therefor I shall not expect jobs here, but will browse and see what i see here and out there.

Work Samples

  • ButtRagMagart

  • Grabart

  • Screeeenzzzzzzzzzzzz

Work History

Burglepig Inc. -I own run and operate my own business! Consists of zines and screens! 1) ButtRagMag -6 tissues done! "Stupid Toilet Humor for the Serious Scumbag" "Smells like Assspit", "Tear up the Tissue", "Dance Around While Farting"(shoulda been "Farting Around Dancing"), "Fever Dreams of a Prune Fiend"-Dexter Cockburn's cover creation! Not mine. "Dirty Butts Need.....ButtRagMag#6" and then due out November 12th is #7 the "Lucky Bum" tissue! Which I should be working on NOW! Butt I'm drunk. 2) Got 3 differnt designs of ButtRagMag t-shirts! Also got a guinea pig"weet" design and Bully the Bullshitter design with the 'Eyeball Butthole Sandwhich' on front and Bully back. 3)also sew shit together and make patches and crap. Butt for now i aint got proof and I need my files or you can go to deviant art-baw for now arggg. Or I could figure shit out! I just got on here to comment on Nenad Gucunja's stuff! he! he!


myschool! Burglepig Unicornversity!



Baw VAW!


Zero Awards of Grabbingham Assface! The Buttburglers Award! the"I WIN" award!