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  • Gradl Katharina

    Textile & Graphic Design

    berlin, Germany

Fashion & Textile Graphic • Combining Design and Technology in terms of Performance Features (Body Mapping e.g.) by using Engineering Technologies as Seamless & Jacquard as well as TPU, Bonding, Embossing, Burnout, Laser Cut etc... all kinds of Print Executions, Placed and Repeat. "NON"-Fashion: Corporate Design, Packaging Design, Concept & Text, Layout, Illustration, Typography/Calligraphy, Pictograms/Icons

Work Samples




Work History

<p>Since Finishing my Studies of Communication Design in Munich I have been working for different Advertising Agencies fully employed and as freelancer &gt; broad experience regarding concept, artbuying, photographing, picture editing, text, contact to clients, corporate design, layout, illustration, pictograms... In Adidas I have been working for different target groups and mindsets (Men, Women, Outdoor, Sports Specific) Since concentrating on the women's sektor (3,5 Years) I'm mainly responsible for ranges within the Pure Performer and the Stylite Sektor (as Techfit, Core Performance, Adilibria, etc...) as well as for Clima, Yatra/Lumina, Graphic Tees etc. Responsibility from Concept &amp; Design till the final Sample.</p> <p>Projects to highlight:</p> <p><strong>&bull; Berliner Staatsballett Cooperation for SS11</strong><br />Graphic Concept (TPU, TPU-Print, Engineering/Seamless...) www.gettyimages.de &gt; &ldquo;adidas ballett&rdquo; www.tvb.de/newsmeldung/datum/2010/11/09/adidas-stellt neue-outfits-vor.html<br /><strong>&bull; Football Womens WorldCup 2011</strong><br />Part of the Designteam for the first specific Womens Football Outfit<br /><strong>&bull; Olympics London 2012</strong><br />Internal Pitch &gt; Developing a specific Graphic Design Language for the German Team</p>