APWA Banquet Poster - A poster to advertise the Annual Congress' Banquet's evening entertainment.
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APWA Banquet Menu - APWA Annual Congress Banquet Entertainment Menu.
City Cycle Flyer - A flyer distributed to downtown city employees, urging them to utilize specially purchased bicycles to run business errands instead of a City vehicle.
Pennington Garage Flyer - Flyer distributed to promote the new environmentally-friendly Pennington Street Garage in downtown Tucson.
Wash Safety Bus Shelter Poster - Bus Shelter Poster for Wash Safety. Recipient of a 2007 Silver Addy Award.
El Presidio de Tucson Flyer - Groundbreaking celebration flyer.
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City of Sierra Vista Poster - Series of posters to celebrate the City's 50th Anniversary.
4th Avenue Detour Flyer - A complicated flyer created to direct traffic around downtown Tucson while the 4th Avenue Underpass was built.
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4th Avenue Underpass Celebration Evite - Electronic Invitation created for the opening of the 4th Avenue Underpass.

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