Revista Intervalo - Revista Intervalo or Intervalo Magazine is an academic project developed by Fernanda Wojcik, Guilherme Appolinário and Luan Campos.

There are no commercial intentions in this video. This is just an example of how the magazine would be used.

Understand the magazine in
Brastemp Vaccum Instructions Video - Academic work for the "Graphic Language" discipline oriented by Carla Spinillo, PhD.
Veneto + Milano
Casamento Gabriela e Diego - Marriage of my friend, Gabriela, with Diego. The beautiful "DG" logo in the beginning of the video was created by her.

Recorded w/ 2Canon T2i and 50 mm lens. 18-55 KIT and a 80-200 mm were used for brief moments.
GoPro was the backup camera for video and audio follow up.

Paulo Faria ( ) partnered the recording. Fernanda Wojcik ( ) captured the timelapse and auxiliated in the video. Cut and post prod by me
Chile | July 2011 - Making trip videos is something I am trying to do every time I travel. This video is a non-chronological view of my 10 days alone in Chile in mid 2011.

The terrific song is "Caravan" by Husky Rescue. Hope they are ok with me using it. Check'em:
Ringostarr (Videoclip) - A videoclip for Zaius, a local band of Curitiba, Brazil.

Daniel Porto ( ), Larissa Santin and Paulo Faria ( ) were part of this project.
Many friends also helped us and we are thankful (:
Fazendo uma Pizza: Nova Embalagem - Vídeo mostrando o processo de elaboração e embalamento de uma pizza. Foi utilizada uma nova embalagem desenvolvida por Carolina Pizatto, Fernanda Wojcik, Guilherme Appolinário e Thiago Alves.

Parte de trabalho de embalagem para a disciplina de Projeto Gráfico 3, Embalagem, na UFPR, ministrada pelo professor Ricardo Martins.
Doação Milli Full - The brief was to show two events that featured donations of the Milli. This events were promoted by Hi in the month of october.
The donations were made to professionals of the medical sector that performed social work related to humanization.

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