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ABRAZO. Equipment for neonatal care.

2012 - INNOVAR

ABRAZO unit provides suitable environmental conditions to organize a physical and social environment conducive to correct premature baby's neurological development, individualized, family-centered, for which minimizes stress factors for the baby and the family during their stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).
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INNOVAR 2010 - IGNEO. Gas domestic heating , it replace the sheet metal cover for ceramic casings which can be adapted to existing combustion cabinets. They reduce the heat dissipated by radiation and improve air convection heating through internal ducts, which increases the thermal efficiency of the equipment. Also reduce the number of external parts, facilitate factory assembly and home installation.
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EVOLUTION is a thermal container designed to keep beer cold in its own bottle at all times and everywhere. "It is important to drink with quality and not to drink in quantity, so to keep fresh the beer allows us taste it slowly"
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COLOMBO DESIGN - Selected Project.
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CAIJU contest

Small toy. It is composed of two functional parts: A, one Base B shot and a hermetic container. Both pieces are articulated so as to define two positions each one a specific function:


• Increases level of acceptance of cereals by the child When presented as participants of the game.
• Promotes trade goodies replacement by introducing nutrients in the diet of the child.
• Prevents nutritional imbalances by including cereals on dietary habits of children to supplement their diet.
• Helps prevent tooth decay and reduce the predisposition to obesity.
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CAIJU Contest

A construction kit consisting of rigid panels and flexible links that allow unite and combine them in different positions in space.

• The design proposes to reassess conventional materials and processes, typical of the arts and crafts of traditional toys and games before the "plastic age".
• Try to give a good quality alternative educational and playful with materials and alternative technologies in a toy market affected by the various technologies of plastic.
• Using simple elements shows that cognitive ability and imaginative child requires functional objects or technologically complex to develop healthily.
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National Museum of Decorative Art Buenos Aires 2007 - ENIGMA - Redesign of secretaire

Place the secretaire in the current urban context means considering the need for space, mass production requirements, the new dynamics of domestic habits and personal need to seek new sensations inside the house. The original visual identity of the secretaire is proposed as a strong visual appeal. Its modular composition allowing stacked or decompose the independent parts to spaces and personal habits.

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