Arandell Corporation Website - Design and creative direction for Arandell Company’s website. The design provides a strong balance in animated graphics, user interface and aesthetic appeal.
hAiRT Studio Website - A beautifully fluid, strategically functional and easy to navigate site. The liquid, single page layout provides an efficient use of space and elegant way to showcase the studio's broad range of work. Visitors can easily concentrate on, and navigate, each section while the browser window provides a crop to additional sections. A dynamic back-end allows quick and easy viewing with a minimal load time.
Off Road Fire Co. Website - Off Road Fire Co.'s website design is intended to visually reinforce their mission and creatively feature their unique product-line. This objective has been accomplished with the use of a vibrant, warm color palette, suggestive graphic details and highlight messages—all celebrating off-road and culinary adventure.
The Redmond Company Website - Design and creative direction for The Redmond Company’s website to help communicate their strong design/brand reputation. The design provides a strong visual balance allowing dynamic color treatments for each service market, along with an intuitive user interface.
INTERACTIVE CD SCREEN DESIGN - A sampling of design and photomontage included within hundreds of interactive and animated screens, making up the CD that accompanies a five audio-disc boxed-set featuring 500 years of Lutheran Music and Heritage.

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