"Commercial" Structure - While completing a nine-month internship with the reclaimed materials consultancy PlanetReuse, I developed two interactive structures in the Autodesk program Revit. Each digital structure model was designed and built to display various examples of how a client could potentially incorporate reclaimed or salvaged materials in any residence or commercial environment.
"Commercial" Structure - My responsibility to the project was to design an axonometric model for one typical residence & commercial setting. To complete this I would need to use more than just the Autodesk program Revit. For detail-intensive product and furniture modeling I would employ the 3-D modeling program Rhino. Exporting all of the Rhino models to Revit, I was then able to use the rendering settings from Revit to fully visualize the space.
"Commercial" Structure - My final obligation was to create full renderings of the structures which housed all of our available reclaimed materials. Once completed, the structure models were detailed by PlanetReuse Founder + Principal, Nathan Benjamin. The final step included collaboration with our web-designer to get the models up & running on the site. These models are still currently in-use on the PlanetReuse website to assist potential clientele in visualizing the possibilities with reclaimed or salvaged materials.
"Residential" Structure - The interactivity of the model works by first displaying the “big picture” view or the corresponding full axonometric structure first. For the residential example, the complete two-story residence image you would see first. Next, from this view you have the option on the PlanetReuse website to click on a room or specific area to zoom in and learn more about the reclaimed or salvaged materials represented in each space.
"Residential" Structure - This and the following image from the full residence view help to visually demonstrate what one would see after clicking a room to view at full scale.
"Residential" Structure - This image from the full residence view helps to visually demonstrate what one would see after clicking a room to view at full scale.

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