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Personal Business Card - CS5 - Now we enter into the graphics sector of my past design experience. In addition to designing spaces, custom-fittings and products for past projects, I have also been involved with identity development. I have acted as the master of "branding" for the conceptual as well as realistic clientele, such as myself.
Product Design Thesis - Hand Render +Rhino - Prime example of preventative design communicated through various technologies working in concert with nature. The children's cold weather glove includes a heat barrier, heat coil, textile-safe circuit board, battery & solar power units, a thermochromatic ink wristband & three cold weather fibers.
Product Design Thesis Book & Presentation - CS5 - A few supplementary graphics from my thesis which included a computer presentation, set of boards & comprehensive book documenting the design journey.
Fancy Nancy Tea [FNT] - CS5 - One past-projects residing close to my heart would have to be the punk-rock high tea room known as, “Fancy Nancy Tea,” or affectionately as, “FNT.” The design of “FNT” was a zesty, modern twist which embraced the destructive nature of punk rockers while also nurturing the timeless English tradition of high tea. The driving idea behind this project was that punk rockers are still English & should be treated as such. Essentially, the punks still want their high tea, but they want it their way.
Pro Bono Freelance - CS5 - Created a flyer, mailer & poster set for the "Tartan Tea" event for an organization I belong to. Since relocating, I have offered any promotional design assistance to the KCSAHDA.
K-State Olathe Team Identity - CS5 - The purple “7” graphics were designed for a conceptual K-State Olathe Innovation Campus project sponsored by the KC firm, 360 Architecture. Developing a numerical “logo” helped to create a recognizable team identity in a competitive atmosphere.
Witch Doctor Pharmaceutical - CS5 - "Witch Doctor Pharmaceutical," an apothecary selling non-traditional treatments needed a non-traditional graphic. The signage was related to the in-house non-traditional remedies counter where the concoctions were often a liquid consistency or ground with mortar and pestle. The idea was to be able to simply look for the system of the body in which you were seeking to improve. The two displayed graphics are for the integumentary system [left] and the lymphatic system [right].
Custom Vanity Design+Build: Alice - "Alice" is an Art Nouveau vanity designed for a specific user's daily beauty regimen. The initial concept explored Art Deco structural masculinity versus a graceful feminine Nouveau aesthetic.
Alice - Woodworking - An Oak veneer on the bent leg matches the wood grain choice for rest of the piece. All additional decorative details were achieved using the hand and stationary router & jigsaw. The finishes chosen to be cohesive with both Art Deco & Nouveau styles were a Cherry stain paired with a triple-coating of Danish oil.
Alice - Woodworking - An economical choice for the piece was replacing the original solid-wood curvilinear leg with a hollow, tapered bent-plywood leg. A tapered bend is no walk in the park, but if executed properly can create an interesting effect at half the cost of solid-wood. After drill pressing two separate sets of holes on each flat form and attaching four cross-braces, the bent-ply is ready to be vacuum pressurized into shape.
Alice - Woodworking - Once the custom-tailor of the piece was final in the design phases, the only thing left to do was get material in-hand and start building. Being a design + build furniture piece for our Graduate “Wood Shop” course naturally presented a fair amount of challenges in the construction phases as well.
Alice - Woodworking - Aside from the stylistic associations of the piece, the custom-tailor of the piece has it’s own story. The piece was designed with one user in mind: myself. A brief study of my daily habits at my studio desk provided valuable inspiration for custom-tailor.
"Alice... through the looking glass" - The design of my custom-fitted vanity “Alice” was inspired by both the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements. The stylistic duality of the piece is one of form versus function. The feminine ornamentation is easily associated with that typical of the biomorphic Art Nouveau works such as Gaudi, Doub or Horta. The angular, structural details are representative of the more rigid, masculine Art Deco style.
Furniture Posters - CS5 - Furniture pieces of the past also call for an accompanying graphic for use during shows and exhibits to simply explain the piece for when the designer was not available. The poster representatives can be seen above for both “Marsha: A Bog Home Environment” and “Alice..Through The Looking Glass.”
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Marsha - Woodworking - The final project was designed as an “Ikea”-style multi-piece system of knock-down furniture for shipping. My collection, “Marsha: A Bog Home Environment,” offered limitless furniture arrangements which could be achieved through one versatile three-piece coffee-table and separate end table.
Gestalt Parti Exercise - Hand Crafted - My next project was an exercise in Gestalt psychology. We were given a basic line drawing featuring basic shapes and told to think abstractly. Opening our minds allowed the possibility of representative three-dimensional mass or volume to be assigned to the basic form. This concept in design is known as a parti.
The Bartlett Portable Lamp - Rhino - “Design is design is design” rings true to each project undertaken. This project had a rather basic project statement: design a lamp. Knowing the objective was simple, I pushed the design to the limit. I thought about versatility & form more so than modifying the simple electronic inner workings. The design called for a biomorphic, pear-shape to add a zesty aesthetic flare to any space. Once charged in the “power bowl," the lamp could remotely provide light virtually anywhere the user travelled.

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