Dennis Hopper and more - Signature ad design plus digital photo retouching for newspaper/magazine reproduction.
Sara Roney Gallery - A1 promotional poster and selection of full page print ads
YR11 Social, poster - Poster design for high school year 11 end of the year event. One off ink-jet print + entry tickets
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Aussie Made - Photo retouching for print
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Designed in OZ card - Doing business locally benefits everyone!
Product catalogues
Book Catalogue, concept development and design - Front cover and spread with order form
Book Catalogue, concept development and design - 16 pages A4 booklet
Direct Mail Postcard - art gallery promotion. - Latest paintings on show at the Paddington gallery. An example of custom designed card advertising abstract painting show. To view the painting/illustration collection go to:
Direct Mail Postcards - retailer - An example of custom designed cards. Product images required extensive retouching and were also used in poster print production that were decorating showrooms.
News Release - Concept, design and production.
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Cover image retouching for trade magazin - high-end image rendering
Retail, promotional poster
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Trailer signage design - Concept presentation for new trailer boards utilizing photos of completed client jobs and graphic elements.
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New planet discovered! - Self promotion / 3D Photoshop training, photo-retouching

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