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Porcelain Slab, building product promotional poster - POS, promotional poster - 420 x 1000mm
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Signage design, outdoor banner - Large format graphic designed for street display.
Full page ad in Tiles Today, ATP trade magazine. Format A4 - Signature Ad designed for tile manufacturer. Four annual one full page placements + occasional Front Cover image.
Double spread, trade magazine ad - New product advertising campaign, concept development, digital illustration and production
Signature ad, trade magazine
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Atrium - marketing brochure designed for a hotel developer - Graphic design, Logo/type development
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Atrium - marketing brochure designed for a hotel developer - spread
Atrium - marketing brochure designed for a hotel developer - Art direction and design, photo shoot and print management.
Logo/type development.
20 pages + covers, format 300 x 300 mm saddle stitch brochure with dust sleeve. Printed in CMYK with one special PMS colour. Cover finished in matt and gloss varnishes.
Presentation folder. Design & print production - Folder with inside pocket designed to promote new tile collections for builders. Four individual pages /inserts with product info and pics. Short print run on inkjet press, final folder hand assemble.
Direct Mail Card/ Invitation to trade show - Concept, design and copywriting. See more direct mail samples in Advertising folder
e_News Letter - B2C communication,
New ceramic tile collections - promotional posters - Image photoretouching for display
Posters for retail - 300 x 1000 mm
Architectural Folder - One of three folders designed for different tile collections. Each one contains pre-cut ceramic tile samples.

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