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Purple Swag.
Psy. Gangnam Style.
Portland Goon Squad graphic.
Portland Goon Squad graphic.
Makin' Money Daily.
Fresh Mode.
Daily Commute.
Dark Knight.
Analog Format.
-Freelance project for a Spring fashion line.
2 Cool for Earth.
Scooter Girl.
-Freelance project for a Spring fashion line.
In Rome.
-Freelance project for a Spring fashion line.
Soul City Seoul.
-A graphic about daily life/culture in Seoul.
Coming for you.
Can't be Scene.
I'm that Creep.
Metal face.
You're Welcome
Leaning Tower
Stay Real
No Time
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Generic Rap
Fashion Kills
Bottle Bros
Akademiks Children 1.
Akademiks Children 2.
Akademiks Children 3.
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He's AWAKE! - Motivation is my son.
Cosmic Destroyer - Comic book style illustration for Akademiks. 2009.
Horror Business
C - Personal work. 2009.
CMYK Hairball. - Personal work. 2009.
Don't Forget Me - Sketched and redrawn on the computer. 2009.
Losing Streak - Tee design for Akademiks Clothing
Mind Explosion - The way my mind works sometimes...
Cosmic Trends
Party Time
Money Craze - Digital Collage
Airplane technology - Spot illustration for an online magazine, showcasing various modern technology advancements in aviation.
SWEPT AWAY - BURN - SA- A poster I created for a friend's present. The poster uses various mediums from vector, to bit maps, to hand drawn illustrations.
B- An idea I had for a shirt but hasn't come to fruition yet. I like to use clouds in my work. Personal work.
CHILL - ILLO STYLEE - Two pieces with montaged vector graphics. Personal work.
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NYSHITTY - PARK CITY - NYS- A poster I designed for myself using a 60's feel, with modern content. Personal work.
PC- A design that was commissioned and never used.
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VS Project: Self Portrait / Sex (2007) - Personal work for vsproject online zine.
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Icon Spade / City Heart (2006) - Illustrations for Ecko Red.
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Vinyl Network (2004) / Random1 (2005) - Brand ID created back in college.
Splash page created for a website.
SLOW YOUR ROLL - CELLY CELL - SYR- Another montaged vector graphic piece.
CC- A looser freestyled graphic with an ode to hustlin'. Personal work.

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