Stuffed Animal Packaging - A high end stuffed animal manufacturer needed logo, packaging and other components for a new product line, “Wild Animals of North America”, marketed in support of environmental protection and preservation. The packaging reflects hand-drawn habitats of forest, desert or marine-dwelling animals. This set includes a product care tag, story book with storage sleeve, poster and folding box to contain the toy. All items are then packaged as a gift collection within the distinctive treasure box.
Peace Treaty Banner - Portsmouth, NH celebrates signing of the Russian-Japanese Peace Treaty, resolving the 1905 war on neutral grounds, with no interference when President Roosevelt provided the naval ship yard. This banner, announcing the celebration, features the flags of Russia and Japan. The North Church bell, proclaiming peace, and dove, symbol for impartiality, are rendered in US Navy grey. The olive branch represents Mr. Roosevelt’s deed of allowing debates to occur without intrusion, yet with hope for peace.
Origin Magazine Cover - I designed pages for a lifestyle magazine addressing an audience of 25-45, income of $50,000, mostly families with good jobs, concerned with their well-being, environmental issues affecting their children’s future, finding alternatives to current main-stream approaches regarding different aspects of life.
Cover: aiming for a modern, uncluttered layout, this eye-catching design stops browsers of cluttered magazine shelves, while revealing the magazine’s personality.
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Archos Ad - I drew the image of the MP3 Player in Illustrator, using primarily gradient mesh. I then designed an ad featuring the item.
Poster for Civil Rights Exhibit - I was to create a painting, reflecting on an aspect of the civil rights movement. The featured prominent fighters for human rights stand for all who stand up for the cause, while the children embody at once the fruits of their labor, as well as the hope that as they grow, so will peace and solidarity. This painting won an award.
The poster I designed, advertises the exhibit in which this and other artwork with the above theme will be shown.

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