an industrial designer focused on making new and innovative products, to make a better living for everyone. i love to design cars, but i also work on every field the industrial design touches. have my inspiration in nature and in future.

Work Samples

  • Vortex Proyect

  • Flexike

  • ilustracion a mano

Work History

an industrial designer formed in Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, in the 2003 generation, focused on creating new ways of living, products that make people happy, and creating a new future in which everyone feels one with their custom products. hability in: hand drawing colors pastels pencil and pen markers perspective car design human drawing comics 3d modeling rhino 3 rhino 4 renders vray for rhino 3.0 and 4.0 flamingo penguin vray for 3d max Resume 2008 - upidown project for the third American Hardwood Design Contest upidown was designed for the children´s furniture category upidown won the second place -social service project mOtic for the universidad autonoma metropolitana mOtic was a transportation project developed to help handicap people to drive a car of their own -leader of the freelance project of the olympic pabillion for plaza satelite -graduated of the program of Aerodynamics at Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana and with the collaboration of the Instituto Politecnico Nacional. Development of experimental projects to know and analyse physics involved in the design of industrial design products and transport design


Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana



Michelin Challenge Design 2007-2008 Advanced Course in Aerodynamics Third American Hardwood design challenge finalist Third American Hardwood design challenge second place