What would be the best way to tell the Design stories, the story of the National Institute of design?
The answer to that question was in the fact that, the Building, which has housed the Institute for the past five decades, was itself the best exhibit. So, the exhibits would be trail along the iconic spaces on the campus, telling their past while familiarizing the present.
Jayanti Nayak, Sculputor and Ceramic Designer sharing his valuable stories with us. Discovering the N-Glass, by J. Nayak, which we later shortlisted for the display.
After dwelling intensely into several stories; stories which we had always heard of a students of NID, stories that we had come across in our academic ventures and stories we hunt down from the senior members of the institute; we hand picked a few to construct our narrative.
We took up spaces that interested us individually and started mapping their individual stories on to the spaces.
I took up the Print Lab as the history of printing has always fascinated me.
One of the exploration which we later implemented.
The exhibits were woven into specific spaces over the main building. and since most of them were spaces where work keeps happening around the clock the display required to fit as much as it would have to grab attention.
The procuction was entirely handled by Harnehmat kaur, while Aadarsh Rajan was the graphic designer on the team.
Framing the print lab as the space it self was the artifact.
The display of the Print Specimens form the early years of NID Print labs.
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