SHILLAK talks about, a family, like most other middle class families, depending entirely on the father, the head of the house, for their daily needs. It portrays the deep-seated distortions in this image resulting from today's times of retrenchments and lay-offs.
Writer : Sagar Deshmukh / Director : Pradeep Vaiddya
From conceptualizing to creating.
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Vincent Pereira, the baker, takes on developers who want to demolish his chawl to make way for Asia's biggest shopping mall. Along with his daughter and his motley collection of neighbours, he embarks on a campaign to save his home and his livelihood. As the pressure mounts, minds are changed and trusts are broken... But Vincent is determined to protect his world from crumbling down around him.
Writer : Ayeesha Menon / Director : Zafar Karachiwala
This realistic counter was strategically placed where a samosa stand earlier existed, so people would walk to it rejoicing its return but to their dismay it had a legal notice of evacuation, helping them to empathise with Mr.Pereira.

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